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Download package with EXE projector for Windows (5.4 Mb)

Download package with HQX projector for Mac (6.1 Mb)

Download package without projector (2.8 Mb) (for Windows, Mac, Linux)
Select this package if you have standalone Flash player v.8 or later on your computer. (It usually comes to you with the Flash IDE)

The demo version of the flash-book includes 9 movie clips (total running time about 30 min) covering drawing basics. To get the full-packaged version (all the 34 movies covering drawing, animation, interactions and text; total run time about 3 hours) go here.

Language packs for "Meet the Flash"
To translate your e-book to an other language, just download and unpack one of the below files to the book's directory on your computer. The original "content.xml" file has to be overwritten.
Deutsch Español Français Italiano
Nederlands Norsk Portuguesa Русский
Please note that at this time all the non-English packages are just automatic translations made by a computer program. If you don't find your translation helpful just replace it with the original content.
English (Win)
The default text for Windows version. You may need this file to repair your book after unlucky editing or translation.
English (Mac)
The same text for Mac users, except for some platform-specific keyboard shortcuts.

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