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*To browse Flash tutorials online you need Adobe Flash Player 8 or later. If you have not installed it yet click here to get the latest version from the maker's web server. Normally, the installation takes about 2-3 minutes with a 56 K modem.

For using this courseware offline just download your e-book here.

Welcome to "Meet the Flash" home! This course is intended for Flash newcomers. To speed-up the learning every lesson is packed with a movie clip, showing some practical usage of the wordy lesson.

Are you looking for a video course? The 34 embedded clips can be played as a single full-length and full-size movie. The elaborated controls allow you to instantly find any fragment.

In the meantime, the book interface features all the essential functions available in popular "readers" and web browsers - table of contents, history, bookmarks, and text search. In the download area you can find several alternative language packs. All the textual data for the book is stored in an external file, so to translate your copy, you simply replace this file with an alt version (more about using this e-book).

Moreover, the flash-book combines the advantages of the e-book and video formats. For example, you can use full-text search to find a particular movie episode by a keyword and then bookmark it (screenshot).

The product is available in full and demo packages. The demo includes 9 of 34 movie clips (total running time about 30 min) covering drawing techniques. To get your free e-book right now, go to the download area. The download package will work on almost any PC - see best laptops under 200 dollars for System Requirements or even cheaper netbooks. Alternatively, you may browse the free movies online.

To get the full package now go here. Download link to your courseware (34 movies covering drawing, animation, interactions and text; total run time about 3 hours) will be sent to you immediately. Cost $15 US.


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